zoomdichzumir asked:
Thanks for all the reblogs! ♥ :)


:) i love your tumblr

claaragf asked:
I am Brazilian girl and I love your tumblr, I was wondering if you could put all the names of the songs on your tumblr with people singing, least of tokio hotel haha love them! sorry if confused the message, I'm on google translator! thank you! :) <3

Thanks :)

I’m a girl from Uruguay! I speak spanish, I don’t know if this is exactly what you want, but…

Here is the playlist of my Tumblr:

«Who Are You Now» by Sleeping With Sirens
«Ritual» by Black Veil Brides
«Can You Feel My Heart» by Bring Me The Horizon
«What I’ve Done» by Linkin Park
«Why» by Secondhand Serenade
«Someone Told Me» by Jake Bugg
«Mirrors» by Justin Timberlake (Message Through Motion cover)

"Es mejor sorprender con pequeñas acciones, que con grandes promesas."

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